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"Billy the salesman was very helpful, not pushy, and knowledgeable about the vehicle. The car is a dream ride!"


"Two nights ago, I enjoyed what is prolly the best transaction on a car I ever had. It had no reason to be but it was. (My credit was, well... you know.) I was treated with honesty, respect and friendliness. And got every single thing I was hoping for in the process. I met Melanie over the phone and was comforted by her friendly style, yet also impressed with her professional follow-up. She LISTENED. And she kept in touch as I interfaced with half a dozen dealerships. I was a bit of a "project." You know what I mean. That cringe when they pull credit. But not only were they VERY respectful, they had a plan in mind just for me, and they had not one, but several cars that they wanted me to check out. Micheal was the guy who stuck with me and helped me got a loan. He and Chris went above and beyond - I'll just leave it at that, or this will be a really long review. WAY above and beyond. Holy cow. Everything that was supposed to happen did happen. No feelings of bait-and-switch, no sudden need for more cash down, just truth the way it is, whether I wanted to hear it or not. There were four instances where I was stopped in my tracks and just said, "No kidding?" because it was all happening the way I'd hoped. The way they said it would. Stop talking to other places, other dealerships, and talk to Melanie and Chris today. You will be glad you did. Oh, by the way, it was kinda raining, they stayed an hour and a half after closing to stick with me and my situation. In the end I got a car I really like, and most importantly a loan I never thought I would actually be approved for."

-Ron Cronin

"Great service great experience!
I recently was at Lux to find my parents a new car, and I have to say the sales team and finance team were excellant. We found the no pressure sales and the time the salesman spent with us to be exceptional. I will be in the market for a vehicle myself in the near future and they will be the first place I visit."


"I recently bought a 2013 Mercedes from Lux Auto Plus. It was indeed a great experience. The sales manager was extremely helpful. I don't live in MA, and I had limited time on that day. But with his help, I don't feel that I could have missed anything. All the questions were answered, and the car was fabulous! I have to thank him again, for bring my car all the way from MA to CT, with no charge!"

-Jian Pang

"I bought a Jaguar there for my wife as a Christmas gift and they were outstanding! The whole staff was extremely professional from the moment I walked in the door to the big red bow they sent me home with to put on the car fro her the day I picked it up. Truly a first class operation I highly recommend to anyone!"

-Tim Baxter

"Had a great experience with Kiko who sold me a white 2008 Passat. He was very attentive and had great knowledge of the inventory. I would highly recommend him!"

-Olivia Hazard

"Wow I am so pleased with this dealership right now. I bought a 2008 X5 from them. I went in there with no money down and walked away with a comfortable monthly payment as they promised. These guys are top notch and would recommend them to anybody. Michael their financial director really knows what he's doing, he was able to get me the best possible situation and gave me many options to suit my needs. I look forward to doing business with them in the future when my daughter needs a car. Thank you Lux Auto. See you soon."

-Calib Wineberg


"I recently bought a BMW 3 Series from Lux Auto Plus and I must say I was completely satisfied with their customer service and the car. Nothing but high class luxury cars on the lot for reasonable prices. Big thanks to my sales manager Kiko for getting everything I requested done and staying after hours to detail and deliver the car on time. Also a thanks to David and Mike for their smooth car purchasing experience. I will definitely go back to Lux Auto Plus for my next car !"

-Ryan Demagistris

"We purchased a used car for our daughter whose commuting to college this year So far we are very happy with the service we are receiving just waiting to pick up the car. Thanks nick & Nathan"

-Megan Corkery


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